bsd system

Difference between blind spot detection(BDS) and radar sensor

In the wave of the continuous development of intelligent driving,…
leisureauto adas v2

Five years of technical training, innovation and technology to create ADAS quality brand!

Guide: since last year, leisure auto has launched different…
adas v2

Create a high user stickiness after loading ADAS products

Introduction: Every function of the leisure auto product can…
adas LS8V

Analysis and witness the beginning of the next era—The vigorous development of Korean ADAS Market

Guide: this year is the first year of South Korea's ADAS market.…

Discussion: how to distinguish between dash cam and ADAS? (camera lens)

Guide: there are both dash CAM products with ADAS function and…
Leisure auto ADAS

Experience of developing an ADAS product in 60 days

Guide: when many navigator, car engine and HUD manufacturers…
leisure auto ADAS

Leisure auto ADAS, the gatekeeper of safe driving

Advanced intelligent driving assistance system (ADAS), as the…

Adas, the bridge between future car owners and auto insurance market

Guide: ADAS system is developing rapidly in 2016, from high-end…
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