From a car specification level ADAS product, talk about what is Vehicle specification level

On December 9, 2016, the State Council issued the "opinions on…

Vehicle specification ADAS, bus loading experience

Preface First of all, I'll introduce myself: I work in Leisure…

Interpretation of McKinsey report: which direction of ADAS will become the mainstream?

In 2016, McKinsey released a report of great concern: 《Advanceddriver-assistan…
adas LS-V2
driving fatigue and reaction time

Driving fatigue and reaction time

In highway traffic, fatigue driving or other bad driving behaviors…
fatigue driver

What are the signs of driver fatigue

The characteristics of fatigue driving are as follows: Driving…

How to fight driver fatigue

1.You must have a bottle of refreshing oil around you. When you…
driver fatigue application

The application scenario of driver fatigue monitor system

In recent years, the number one "killer" of traffic safety is…
driver fatigue monitor center

How to integrate Driver fatigue monitor to our GPS tracker or MDVR?

1. our device Our driver status monitor system has 2 kinds of…
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