Discussion: how to distinguish between dash cam and ADAS? (camera lens)


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Guide: there are both dash CAM products with ADAS function and ADAS products with dash cam function on the market. How can we distinguish them? How to choose when buying? Today, I will analyze it from the perspective of lens, and continue to supplement it later. welcome your correction.

1. The camera of dash cam is to see widely, and the bigger the lens angle is, the better. Therefore, the wide-angle camera of 120 degrees, 170 degrees and 180 degrees is adopted. This kind of camera can’t see far, and can’t recognize the remote target, so it can’t correctly recognize and alarm the vehicle with a little distance. At the same time, the clearer the camera definition, the better, which can ensure the quality of the picture.

2. Professional ADAS cameras must be able to see the distance of about 100-200 meters, and take dozens to hundreds of photos in a second for analysis. Therefore, ADAS generally adopts relatively narrow cameras, generally within 70 degrees, which are different from each manufacturer, so that it can identify distant targets and ensure the recognition and high accuracy of risk warning.

3. The most basic requirement of professional ADAS for definition is 720p, and the definition must be guaranteed. The higher the definition is, the higher the requirement for the computing platform is. High definition pictures need to be filtered to increase the amount of computing on the computing platform. With the combination of operation platform and lens, the function of ADAS can be better realized.


The function of ADAS attached to the dash cam is difficult to meet the requirements of professional ADAS for cameras, which is also the reason why consumers always make false reports when using the dash cam with ADAS function.

The most basic function of the professional ADAS system is the dash cam. The 720p camera is not very different from the mainstream dash cam in terms of the picture effect, including the lens coverage and clarity. It can clearly identify the license plate number of the vehicle in front and the road traffic markings and signs.

Finally, let’s analyze the camera of micro brand ADAS leisure auto v1

Leisure auto V1 is a professional ADAS used in the aftermarket. Its main functions are front collision warning and lane departure warning. In addition to the above two main ADAS functions, it also has the functions of dash cam, virtual bumper anti collision, pedestrian detection alarm and real-time vehicle condition detection. The camera adopts 1080p high-definition digital camera, 8-core processor and 1GB DDR3 / ROM memory 8GB, expandable 64GB, high-speed computing platform, in line with vehicle regulations and able to support a large number of fast computing, is a high user stickiness ADAS product, and also a new star in the ADAS afterloading market.

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