Driving fatigue and reaction time

driving fatigue and reaction time

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In highway traffic, fatigue driving or other bad driving behaviors will affect the reaction time of drivers and easily lead to major traffic accidents. This paper focuses on the impact of driver safety response time on driving safety test system.

Key words: reaction time, detection system, driving safety

With the rapid development of transportation in recent years, the phenomenon of urban traffic congestion is becoming more and more common, and the traffic safety problems are increasing, which makes people pay more attention to it. Reaction time is usually divided into two types: one is more simple, which is mainly response to a stimulus signal. It is generally divided into visual response, auditory response and tactile response. The other reaction is optional. In the complex traffic environment, traffic signals, traffic signs and pedestrians outside will lead to an optional response to them. The reaction time is relatively long. In order to further study the impact of response time on driving safety, organizations from all walks of life carried out various types of safety accidents investigation and analysis. The results show that the response time of the driver is proportional to the occurrence of the accident.
Analysis of the reasons for delay of driver response time

1.1 driving after drinking

After drinking, driving is a serious violation of driving behavior. After drinking, alcohol will reduce the driver’s tactile ability, judgment and driving operation ability of the external environment. What’s more, it can make the driver appear visual fatigue and visual obstacle. The serious one will cause the driver to appear excessive psychological abnormality, which will lead to overspeed, busy driving and strong driving Behavior such as changing paths. Thus, the probability and severity of the accident are aggravated.

1.2 fatigue driving

Fatigue driving is also an important reason for the influence of driver response time. After the driver feels tired, he will continue to drive the vehicle, and will appear drowsiness and weakness of limbs, thus losing the attention and judgment of the operating environment of the external vehicles. It leads to the decline of judgment ability, inattention, even trance, and even extreme situations such as memory loss and sleep, which makes the driving response time seriously higher than that of normal driving.

1.3 improper driving

The improper wearing of drivers will also have a certain impact on driving response time. For example, in summer, the driver wearing high heels, slippers or barefoot will lead to the increase of the probability of slippage of the driver pedals, and thus affect the longer reaction time of the driver to step on the brake. In case of special circumstances, the braking distance will be increased, which leads to the occurrence of accidents.

2. Reaction time detection principle

Reaction time is the time interval between people receiving external signals and responding to them. The response can no longer be given to the human body while receiving stimulation. It is a process to stimulate the human body. When the process is carried out inside the body, it is hidden or latent until the process reaches the effect of the muscle producing an external response. The detection of response time is to detect the time value from the start of stimulus information to the reaction generation. In order to meet the traffic signal setting in China, the red, green and yellow color signal lamps are used as the stimulus signals in our detection system, and three colors correspond to three buttons respectively to test the response time of the feet and left and right hands. The test method is to use the probability statistics method. 10 groups of experiments were performed each time, and the average reaction time was taken. The length of the average reaction time is considered as the merits and disadvantages of the reaction.

3 structure and function of the testing instrument

The instrument is mainly composed of a single chip microcomputer system, which contains a control center. The control center can calculate and read with the accuracy of 0.001s. After the signal source is output, the human body performs the action through the body, and feeds back to the control center through the driving circuit, and the control hollow is output through the module and displayed on the display. During this process, the interface will output information to the computer, and connect the printer through the computer, which can be printed according to the needs of customers. The detection system also has the functions of automatic reset, automatic correction and error warning. When different testers are ready, different codes can be input automatically to conduct coding statistics for the testers. The tester will start the key and press to start the test.
The tester can use the display to observe the results of the test. After the test, the display will display the specific data of the test, namely, the reaction time and the correct number of reactions. The total average reaction time was calculated according to the data. At present, the test instrument has been used in the public security medical system of various cities, and the test results are obvious and the compliance is high. It can not only test the reaction time of the automobile driver, but also test the safety officer, special work and pilot, which is very important for the prevention of traffic accidents and industrial safety accidents.

4 Summary

The main causes of traffic accidents are drunk driving, fatigue driving and other bad behaviors. The response time of drivers is also the indirect cause of traffic accidents. Therefore, we should avoid the occurrence of bad driving behavior by various means, and at the same time, we should reduce the response time of drivers in various ways or make the drivers realize the reaction time caused by various adverse behaviors.


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