How to fight driver fatigue

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1.You must have a bottle of refreshing oil around you.

When you are sleepy, you can apply a little oil on your temples, so that you won’t be sleepy and you will feel energetic when driving.

refresh oil

2. The second is to drink coffee,

because coffee is also helpful to refresh. You can take coffee powder and brew it in the car with water from the thermos cup.

3. The third is to eat some food.

People will be more energetic when they eat, so it’s better to eat when the car stops. In this way, they have to continue to drive.

driver distraction

4. Fourth, you can stop and have a rest.

Don’t force yourself to drive for a long time. It’s easy to have problems, so it’s good to have a proper sleep.

5. Fifthly, it is better to have a co pilot who can change the car.

So that when you are tired, you can change the car, so that you can naturally avoid fatigue driving.

6. Adopt some diver safety devices.

Such as driver fatigue monitor system, or ADAS(advanced driver assistance system) to help you wake up. Remind on the second when you close eyes.

driver fatigue monitor

The above is how to deal with fatigue driving ? Drivers should be responsible for the safety of the people in the car, so they must abide by the driving rules and precautions.


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