BSD-01 is a powerful driving blind area detection terminal that can realize the real-time monitoring of pedestrians, bicycles, electric bicycles, motorcycles, tricycles and automobiles with collision risk in the blind area of driver’s vision and provide more security for vehicle travel.

Typical industry applications: trucks, mud trucks and other large vehicles.


  • High accuracy blind spot detection system(BSD).
  • Vehicle, passengers detectable.
  • Siren and light warning.
  • Monitor screen optional.
  • 2 BDS cameras support
  • 4g transmit
  • Multi-language real-time monitor center

Product appearance

Leisure Auto driving safety auxiliary terminal is composed of main engine, BSD camera, exterior audible and visual alarm, interior led warning light, and other optional components.

P3 Main unit


P4 BSD Camera


P7 Driver's warning light in the car


P5 voice warning light outside the vehicle


Monitor screen(optional)

Product specifications

Function item

Function sub item



Power input

DC +12/24V,1A

Environmental adaptability

Working Temperature


Storage temperature



10% ~ 95%,No condensation


Main unit size

151mm x 130mm x 52mm(Excluding package and wire)

Audio and video

Video input

Support 2-way AHD input

(one BSD 1080p camera on the left and one on the right, 12V)

Video output

1 channel CVBS video synthesis output, 2 channels AHD output

Audio output

3 horns (1 inside and 2 outside)


Character overlay function, time date, vehicle ID and other information image overlay

(CVBS output only has)

satellite positioning


Support GPS and Beidou dual-mode positioning, single-mode can be set

wireless communication


1 way (standard configuration of 4G version, no network interface version)


1 circuit (AP only for installation and commissioning)

Blind area detection


It supports the detection and early warning of electric bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians, etc. in the demarcated blind area. It has the function of setting classified warning areas, and has the function of acousto-optic voice warning inside and outside the vehicle;

Detection range of blind area: 12m * 4m (rectangular area)



Support 1-way TF card, single card supports 128G at most

External interface


2 way


1 way


1 way (debug 232, trial only)

Wired network port

1 way (standard configuration of network interface version, none of 4G version)


Support 2-way switch value input and 4-way switch value output (see the line label on the product for details)


Exterior audible and visual alarm

Support 2-way access, standard configuration 1-way

Led warning light in the car

Support 2-way access, optional

CVBS screen

Support 1-way access, optional



It supports the front (front to back monitoring) and the rear (back to front monitoring)

Product size

Installation picture

P9 vehicle installation position picture

P14 blind area alarm picture

P10 external alarm light

P11 BSD camera (welded, removable)

bsd system

P12 APP BSD range calibration

P13 blind area monitoring range (adjustable)

Cloud Management Platform, Providing Data Basis for Risk Evaluation

Warning information will be uploaded to the cloud management platform in real-time, providing a data basis for driving risk evaluation, and delicate fleet management. Our cloud management platform can be integrated with third-party fleet management platforms.

Vehicle Safety

Risk Warning Visualized Vehicle Monitor Real-time Manual Intervention Automatic Evidence Collection
Driver Behavior Analysis Driver Safety Analysis Report

High-efficiency Management

Real-time Task Monitor
BI Analysis & Operations Report Vehicle/Driver Management

Cloud Management Platform

Third-Party Fleet Management Platforms

  • alarm record
  • alarm picture record
  • vehicle tracking
  • history replay

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