LS-880 has built-in dash cam function,  ADAS (advanced driving assistant system), DSM (fatigue driving early warning system) function and passenger behavior monitoring function. It supports three cameras working at the same time, driver / passenger dual SOS alarm function, face recognition and voice recognition function.


  •  1. Driver fatigue monitor:
    • Fatigue monitoring
    • Distracted monitoring
    • Smoking
    • Phone call
    • drinking
    • yawning
    2. ADAS:
    • Forward collision warning
    • lane departure warning
    • front vehicle distance warning
    • Speed Limit Indication
    • Pedestrian Collision Warning
    • 4g transmission module inside
    • WIFI module inside for adjustment and setting
    • GPS module inside for location, history replay, speed and so on.
    3. Monitor center (only support B1,B3,B39,B40,B40,B41)
    • alarm record
    • alarm picture record
    • vehicle tracking
    • history replay
    4. easy to install, only a cigarette plug.

ADAS Advanced Driver Assistant System

Advanced driver assistant system (ADAS) is an active security technology which can use AI algorithm to analyze intelligent image. The environmental data inside and outside the vehicle are collected at the first time by using various sensors installed on the vehicle, and the static and dynamic objects identification, detection and tracking are processed in technology, so that the driver can detect potential danger in the shortest time and prevent traffic accidents. In the early days, ADAS system was mainly passive alarm. With the development of technology, ADAS system has reached a range of safety protection operations for the owners, and further escort the safety of the owners. In the near future, ADAS technology may become the standard of automobile and reduce the accident rate. The current ADAS system has the following functions: front car collision alarm, vehicle distance approach alarm, urban virtual bumper alarm, lane departure alarm, pedestrian collision alarm, etc.

Product specifications

CPU   MT3561
Screen   2.4 Inch,320*240
ROM(Flash)   8GB/16GB
4G Band    B1,B3,B39,B40,B40,B41
GPS   GPS+Beidou
Front Camera   1080P
Rear Camera   720P
SD card   Max 256GB
ADAS   Support 
DSM   Support
Installation   Concealed and glued windshield

1.Forward Collision Warning

FCW forward collision warning system can judge the potential collision risk by sensing and calculating the relative distance and speed between the vehicle and the front vehicle in the process of driving at a relatively fast speed, and send out an alarm immediately.

2.Front vehicle distance warning

The FDW headway monitoring warning system monitors the real-time headway time of the vehicle and the vehicle in front by sensing and calculating the distance and absolute speed between the vehicle and the vehicle in front during driving. When the headway time displayed in S is less than the alarm time set by the system, it will immediately give an early warning to remind the driver to pay attention to the following headway and avoid rear end collision.

3.Urban virtual bumper alarm

UFCW virtual bumper warning system (Urban forward collision warning) can predict the possible low-speed collision with the vehicle in front through real-time calculation of the distance and speed of the vehicle in front under the condition of low-speed driving (UFCW is generally in the working state when the speed is 0-30km / h), and give an alarm in time to warn the driver.

4.Lane Departure Warning

LDW lane departure warning system (lane departure warning) senses the road environment information in front through ADAS algorithm, judges the behavior of vehicles departing from the lane, and timely reminds the driver, and sends out an alarm to the driver when they leave the original Lane unconsciously (without turning signal), so as to prevent traffic accidents caused by lane departure.

5.Pedestrian collision warning

PCW pedestrian collision warning system (PCW pedestrian collision warning system) detects the pedestrian, cyclist and other targets in front of the vehicle, selects key pedestrian targets, makes a comprehensive decision according to the vehicle speed and target distance information, and sends alarm information to the driver, so as to avoid pedestrian collision accidents.

DSM Driver Status Monitor system

Driver status monitor: it uses the image obtained by DSM camera to detect the driver’s driving behavior and physiological state through visual tracking, target detection, action recognition and other technologies. When the driver is fatigued, distracted, making phone calls, smoking and other dangerous situations, it will give an alarm within the set time of the system to avoid accidents. DSM system can effectively regulate the driving behavior of drivers and greatly reduce the probability of traffic accidents. The current DSM system mainly includes five basic functions: fatigue driving monitoring, smoking monitoring, answering and calling monitoring, distracted driving monitoring, and abnormal state monitoring.

  • Eye Close
  • Yawning
  • Head down
  • Distraction
  • Calling
  • Smoking
  • Alarm real time
  • Alarm picture record
  • Alarm video
  • Vehicle location
  • History replay
  • Fleet management

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