Vehicle specification ADAS, bus loading experience


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First of all, I’ll introduce myself: I work in Leisure Auto Safety Technology Co., Ltd., mainly responsible for the installation of advanced intelligent driving system (ADAS), which is commonly known as “loading”.

Today, I’d like to share with you the experience and lessons of bus loading. Maybe I can give some reference to my peers. After all, loading is a hard work. It’s not easy for everyone. It’s good to save as much energy as possible.

On December 9, 2016, the State Council issued the “opinions on promoting the development of life change in the field of production safety”, and on March 7, 2017, the Ministry of transport issued the “technical conditions for safety of operating passenger cars” (JT / T) 1094-2016), and the transition period of 13 months is specified in the transition period of the implementation of the fifth standard.
At present, many car factories and long-distance passenger buses are equipped with advanced intelligent driving assistance system (ADAS) with lane departure warning system (LDWS) and front collision warning (FCW) according to the previous regulations. As a result, I have more and more installation work in buses and trucks. This time it was installed for a sample car of a car factory in the south. This factory mainly supplies buses and long-distance buses to all parts of the province. The scale is not small or particularly large. There are such car factories in many parts of the country.

Installation sample vehicle: Electric Bus

First of all, I need to install an electric bus in the picture above. Maybe my photo taking technology is too poor (taken by my mobile phone). In addition, the test sample car has been used for a period of time, and the real car is much more beautiful!

The interior of the bus is made of wood in many places. It’s very high-grade. It’s very smooth and comfortable to sit on. Don’t say anything. In order to protect customers, the logo was erased.

bus with ADAS

Selection of ADAS products

Before starting work, let’s talk about the products and accessories of the advanced intelligent driving assistance system (ADAS) installed this time! Since the customer is a car manufacturer, the following points must be considered when installing the equipment:

First of all, it must be tested and passed before it can be installed on the cart. After multiple screening, leisureauto ADAS products are finally selected, including S1 series for passenger cars, freight cars and carts.

Secondly, we need to consider the way of alarm. The bus is different from the truck. There is a lot of noise in the truck, so the alarm is not loud. But there are passengers in the bus, and they are afraid of sleeping passengers when driving at night, so the alarm is required not to be too loud. In addition, the manufacturer requires that the reason for the alarm be displayed, so it is equipped with a beautiful small screen built-in buzzer.

Finally, it’s time to consider the information exchange between ADAS and cars! Our company generally has many options, such as GPS speed measurement, can bus acquisition, and OBD acquisition, which are very accurate and convenient. However, the front mounted cars must be clean and tidy, and they usually communicate through the bus.

Before installation, product accessories: host, forward camera, wiring harness, reminder with screen and buzzer

adas parts

Process of installing Adas

When we got to the scene, we started loading.

The first step is the access of CAN bus. The first thing is to find the access of CAN bus. The car factory has given the can agreement in advance, the company’s development department has also changed the software, and the software person has come with me this time. The engineers of the car factory were very enthusiastic and cooperated with each other, and soon connected to can. Our engineers ran the test program and passed it smoothly! I’ll fix the wiring.

The second step is to connect the power supply. Then, find the power. The voltage of big car is different from that of small car. Fortunately, our products have been ready for a long time. Connect the power supply to the main fuse and install the shunt fuse, then the power supply will be connected.
The third step is to locate the host and buzzer. To find a suitable location for the main engine, the engineers of this car factory have planned. There is a lot of space under the dashboard. When a large number of goods are shipped, a special fixture is needed, and the sample car will be temporarily settled first. The buzzer is on the dashboard. It looks classy.
adas installation position
Step 4 install the camera. The most important step is the processing of the camera; the location is planned by the car factory, installed on the windshield, with a special level to ensure that the installation does not tilt. This step took more than ten minutes.
adas camera position
The fifth step is to hide the thread. Hide the exposed thread. This is mainly done by the master of the car factory. Only they know where the car is. The wood decoration in the bus brought us a lot of trouble in routing. Fortunately, we overcame it later.

The sixth step is calibration. The last step is calibration; because in mass production, each camera is different from what we can’t see with the naked eye, it will produce error if it is not calibrated.

I’ve calibrated other products before. To be honest, it’s not easy. All kinds of markers add up to 20 jin! As long as the camera is relatively simple, we can adjust the camera angle by ourselves. This is a big step forward.

After installation, road test!

On the same day, I drove fast for 4 hours, changed all kinds of speeds from 20 km / h to 90 km / h, and ran in the city and quasi high speed, with good results;

A total of 166 times of LDW road deviation, all alarms are correct!

FCW anti-collision a total of 27 times, all correct alarm!

The picture below is taken from the video.

adas working picture


After the installation and testing, the leaders of the car factory are also very happy. In the future, it will be the car factory’s own verification. I hope they go well.

Finally, we summarize the experience and lessons. The preparation work must be sufficient. The loading site is very chaotic. Generally, many people are curious to come and ask questions, and they will encounter many unexpected situations. If you don’t preview the process yourself, it will be troublesome. It’s also important to get in touch with the on-site cooperation well in advance. Most of our time is spent waiting for the car factory’s cooperation personnel. Once they arrive, they will finish it soon.

Loading is a physical + intellectual + EQ work, encountered a lot of difficulties, but also a lot of fun, I wish you all the best!


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