What are the signs of driver fatigue

fatigue driver

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The characteristics of fatigue driving are as follows:

Driving fatigue refers to the phenomenon that the driver’s psychological and physiological functions are out of balance after driving continuously for a long time, and the driving skills are decreased objectively. Driving fatigue can affect the driver’s attention, feeling, perception, thinking, judgment, will, decision and movement, which is one of the important causes of traffic accidents.

1. Body fatigue

When driving, the driver’s pulse and heart rate increase. This is mainly due to the acceleration of exercise and the increase of oxygen consumption in muscle activity.
If the posture is not correct or the fixed posture lasts too long, although the force is not big, fatigue will also appear. This is due to muscle activity, causing vasoconstriction and relaxation, so that the driver moved fatigue

2. Mental fatigue

Simple and rigid driving operation can inhibit the normal state of blood pressure, breathing and heart rhythm, which leads to insufficient blood supply to the brain and mental fatigue. The complex and changeable traffic environment makes the driver always in a state of tension, and even in a state of extreme tension when encountering dangerous situations. Excessive tension and continuous tension will inevitably lead to mental fatigue

3. Spinal fatigue

The driver will have backache and backache, which is mainly due to the spinal fatigue reaction caused by inappropriate seat or incorrect sitting posture. Over time, the intervertebral disc will be damaged, which will also cause lumbar disease.

4. Eye fatigue

When the driver continuously drives for a long time or does not get enough sleep, eye muscle relaxation, decreased eye rotation, frequent blinking, even tremor and visual ghosting often occur, which is the reaction of eye fatigue.

5. Outward signs of driving fatigue

Slight fatigue: mental fatigue, frequent yawning; eye fatigue, heavy eyelids; muscle fatigue; untimely shift, inaccurate.
Moderate fatigue: eyes astringent, pain; drowsiness, wandering; body fever; spinal fatigue, backache, stiff action.
Severe fatigue: drowsiness, blurred consciousness, unconsciousness, drowsiness, and sometimes the feeling of suddenly waking up; rapid heartbeat; double shadow in visual image; shivering and cold sweat; subconscious operation behavior.


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