Leisure Auto DSM04 is an intelligent 4 channel 4G MDVR with built in DMS( driver monitor system) and optional ADAS, BSD(blind spot detector)+Millimeter waver radar

Comp & Basics

Key Features:

Driver fatigue monitor DMS

1. Fatigue, yawn, calling, smoking
The eyelid closure, the mouth opening, smart phone and LIGHTED cigarette are detected during driving and the device will be triggered.

2. Distraction(e.g.: turning head left/right or up/down off the road, texting, eating/drinking)
The alarm will be made when the gaze is beyond the safe zone shown in the following figures.

Monitor Zone

Front View (gaze zone)

Side View (gaze zone)

1. Gaze zone: Green – Safe, Red – Unsafe.
2. If the gaze is at relatively stable off the green zone (e.g. reading smart phone when over 2s), the device will triggered.

Sistema ADAS

Blind spot detect System BSD

It is just a step away for the connection, and the following diagram shows the generic flowchart of DSM-02.

Millimeter Wave Radar+camera

It is just a step away for the connection, and the following diagram shows the generic flowchart of DSM-02.

radar work flow

Autista con occhiali? Occhiali da sole?

Nessun problema!

Guidare di notte, in caso di maltempo?

Nessun problema!

LS803 adotta LED a infrarossi per garantire il funzionamento del sistema anche durante la guida notturna o in altre situazioni di scarsa illuminazione, una caratteristica molto importante perché la maggior parte degli incidenti di guida per affaticamento si verifica a tarda notte o in caso di maltempo.


Nuova applicazione

Addetto alla catena di montaggio

Oltre che per i conducenti, LS803 può essere utilizzato in catene di montaggio ad alta intensità e pericolosità, per evitare che i lavoratori si distraggano.

Special Notes

  • APP calibration is necessary for getting the highest recognition rate of the device.
  • Some specially coated corrective lens (inc. much thicker ones) and/or sunglasses can reduce the recognition rate.
  • When hair blots out the eye, the device may make the alarming as fatigue function.
  • When the strong sunlight is straight on the device (from side windows) or on driver’s face (from front windshield), the device may reduce the recognition rate.
  • Make sure that the power is not turned off during the firmware updating, or it may cause the boot fail. If the update progress failed, please retry to update it once again.
  • Not to disassemble, repair or modify the product, otherwise it may cause fire,electric shock, injury and other accidents. Please contact the after-sales service center for product repairing.
  • DSM-03/04’s alarms will be saved in the SD card, or upload to the monitor center real time.
  • DSM-03’s MDVR without 4G, DSM-04’s MDVR with 4G module.

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