LS-505 wired AI driver fatigue monitor for car, taxi, truck & commercial vehicles


LS-505 driver fatigue monitor system is designed with AI algorithm that can detect fatigue, yawn, calling, smoking and distraction, it can protect your life and property in an easy accept way; it also has RS232 and Video output that can easily connect with your current device such as GPS tracker, MDVR and Screen.


  • Fatigue, yawn, calling, smoking

The eyelid closure, the mouth opening, smart phone and cigarette are detected during driving and the device will be triggered.

  • Distraction(e.g.: turning head left/right or up/down off the road, texting, eating/drinking)

The alarm will be made when the gaze is beyond the safe zone shown in the following figures.

  • Driver absent, camera block.

The alarm will be made when the driver is not on the seat or the camera be covered.

More Features

  • TF card update

Change voice by yourself via TF card

  • GPS antenna support,

start-up speed adjustable by APP

  • RS232 output

can be integrated to other devices such as GPS tracker or MDVR

  • Video output

can be connected to Screen and MDVR directly.

  • Enter formal use mode automatically

The equipment will be triggered at any speed initially in the testing mode, after entering the formal mode by receiving the first speed signal, it can be only triggered at preset speed.

Work Flow

Spec & Standards

Item Parameters / performance
Power Consumption 12-24V, 1mA, or 5V 1mA
Camera 12-bit DVP Camera Interface
Indicator Power supply operation indicator, alarm indicator
Connector Support USB, Cigarette plug, RS232 and CVBS
USB 1 Micro USB port, for 5V input and APP setting
SD card Max Support 128G
Output RS232 output, Video CVBS output
Working temperature -20℃~70℃
Working humidity 20% – 90% (non condensing)
Storage temperature -40-85℃
Storage humidity 10% – 95% (non condensing)

Parts description

1. Main Unit

2. Camera Lens

3. Alarm indicator

4. Power indicator

5. Micro USB Socket

6. Fixed power data cable

7. Cigarette plug for 12/24V

8. RS232 output

9. Video output

10. OTG adapter

11. GPS antenna(optional)

Wiring Description


Step 1: connect power

Connect via cigarette plug (12-24V acceptable)                                                                           Connect via micro USB, But only 5V allowed

  1. The fixed cable have Voltage step-down box, so 12-24V all accepted.
  2. if connect via Micro USB, make sure the device only 5V allowed, or the device will be damaged.

Step 2: select the location

Front View (gaze zone)

Side View (gaze zone)

APP Installation

Step 1: Download

Scan the QR code to install the app, only andriod system avaliable at the moment.

All permissions are necessary when install the APP.

Step 2: Connect the device to mobile phone

Connect the device to the mobile phone via the OTG adapter provided, OTG to the mobile side,and use data cable to connect your mobile phone, your own mobile’s data cable accepted.

Step 3: Calibration

*Working with the phone (Apps), Following the steps below:

1. click the play button.

2. wait for 5 seconds unit the face show.(if not show, close the APP and try again).

3. adjust your face, make sure green square coincide with the red square.

4. click the start calibration.

Please note keep your face in the same calirated position every time, or the system will be triggered easily.

APP Menu & Settings

There are 8 alarms’ sensitivity can be set

• Sensitivity: The time to trigger the alarm after the same action continues (unit: second)

• Presicion: Allowable interval error (unit: millisecond)

• Alarm interval: the device doesn’t alert by the same dangerous status in the preset time (unit: second)

APP Menu & Settings

Work under any circumstances

LS-505 adopts Infra-Red LEDs to ensure the sytem work while drive at night or in other low light situations, or with sunglasses, it is a very important feature because most fatigue driving accidents occur late at night or bad weather.


Special Notes:

  • APP calibration is necessary for getting the highest recognition rate of the device.
  • Some specially coated corrective lens (inc. very thicker ones) and/or sunglasses can reduce the recognition rate.
  • When hair block the eye, the device may make the alarming as fatigue function.
  • When the strong sunlight is straight on the device (from side windows) or on driver’s face (from front windshield), the device may reduce the recognition rate.
  • Make sure that the power is not turned off during the firmware updating, or it may cause the boot fail. If the update progress failed, please retry to update it once again.
  • Do not disassemble, repair or modify the product, otherwise it may cause fire,electric shock, injury and other accidents. Please contact the after-sales service center for product repairing.
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