LS-RD24 24Ghz 10m short range millimeter wave radar supports truck quad display


The system is designed to warn of dangerous targets in adjacent lanes. 24Ghz millimeter wave radar’s unique ability to penetrate smoke, fog and dust allows for all-weather, all-day applications, real-time detection of objects in the signal area and identification of objects with relative displacement close by. Targets within a maximum distance of 20 meters can be detected.

Product function

Radar power start, real-time detect of objects in the signal area, identify objects with relatively speed more than 2km/h in close proximity to the body of the vehicle.

Early warning mode: the car light is always on, Audible and visual alarm on, screen switch to the alarm camera.

Difference from microwave radar

Millimeter wave radar Micro wave radar
Only objects moving in the blind area and close to the vehicle body are monitored for early warning, and absolute static objects such as trees and fences are filtered out. Alarm for all objects in the blind area
The software intelligent algorithm can only give early warning to the target objects with threats, and there is no false alarm. Unable to judge whether there is a threat to the vehicle, there are many false alarms, and the driver has a poor experience.
Long detection range, no delay, high accuracy and can lock and track target objects. Short detection distance, delay, high false alarm and false alarm rate.
Work around the clock, not affected by smoke, rain, snow, dust, strong light, night and other weather. affected by smoke, rain, snow, dust, strong light, night and other weather.

Product List

Name Quantity
24Ghz millimeter wave radar 1pc
In-car warning light 1pc
7 inch screen 720P 1pc
Waterproof camera 960P 4pcs
Wire 1 set
Angle ruler 1pc
Audible and visual alarm optional
Bracket and accessories package 1 group

Radar Technical parameters

Number Item Specification
01 Operating Voltage 12 V
02 Operating band 24 Ghz
03 Operating temperature – 40℃ ~ + 85℃
04 Power consumption < 2 W
05 Waterproof level Ip 67
06 Distance resolution 0 . 5 m
07 Distance measuring accuracy Better than 0.18 m
08 Maximum detection distance 20m

Screen Technical Parameters

Project Function introduction Performance index
systemVideo inputvideo display Operating language Simplified/Traditional/English
Operation interface Graphical menu operation
Operation mode Buttons, infrared
Trigger displayVideo storageAudio part Video input 4-channel AHD HD video input
Video recording mode Default boot recording, no seconds missing
Video format H. 265 videos and 4-way videos are saved separately
Power supplyOverall power consumptionother real-time display 10.1 inch high-definition IPS screen, 1024 * 600
video display 14 multi view display modes
Local playback Play locally, check at any time
project Trigger display Automatically switch to the corresponding camera view
system SD card CLASS10 U1, minimum 64GB, maximum 256GB
Video input Microphone Support microphone recording, menu can be set to close
video display Power input Supports 9V~36V wide voltage
Trigger displayVideo storage Engine detection ACC detection line
4-way video recording Less than 10W (screen display, 4-way camera recording)
Audio part working temperature -20~70 degrees
Heat dissipation mode Passive heat dissipation
Reversing line Adjustable
Video duration Video recording duration can be set
Channel trigger delay Turn signal delay can be set

Detection Range

An object enters the signal area at a faster relative speed, the radar gives an early warningInstalled by 20 20-degree angle scale (radar and car body form 110° angle): measure objects moving close behind the side lane. Detection range for different objects (according to different speeds)

  • Human or similar: 3-4M
  • Bicycle or similar: 7-8M
  • Private car or similar: 10-13M
  • Truck or similar: 15-20M

Installation Instructions

  • Radar installation height: 0.5-1.4 meters from the ground; more than 1.4 meters radar slightly downward tilt (Figure 4)
  • Radar installation angle: 20 degrees arrow bevel fit radar, scale ruler body parallel to the body (as in Figure 1).
  • Radar signal face towards the back of the car, there should be no metal material blocking in front of the radar signal.
  • Radar outlet facing downwards.

Example of line connection diagram

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