LS-RD100 77 Ghz 30m long-range independent millimeter wave radar


Object detection radar means a system to detect and inform the driver of the presence of objects in the close-proximity blind-spot back of the vehicle, if deemed necessary based on manufacturer strategy, warn the driver of a potential collision.

Kit Contents

Harness Layout


  1. If the output cable won’t be used, please wrap the cable to avoid short circuit.
  2. The output is positive, the Max. output current is no more than 5V.

System Layout


Self Diagnosis

Basic Function

When the key is turned to ON, the front radar sensor starts to work; When the Reverse gear is engaged, the front and rear radar sensors both work.
The LED display will provide audible and visible warnings to driver, the warning principles as below:

  1. If there’s object being detected, the output cable will provide low level voltage; if there’s no object being detected, it will output float;
  2. If the gear is in non-reverse gear, the display will show the nearest distance of rear detected object;
  3. Display will provide audible and visible warnings:
    The display will show the distance of the detected object, and provide warning beep, according the warning section; the warning sections are equally divided into 5 stages. Take the max. detection as 10m, the warning sections will be divided as below:

Learning Function

When the installation position of the radar is not at the outermost side of the vehicle, the radar is easy to detect the accessories of the vehicle or vehicle body, which will result in false alarm.

Therefore, in order not to make false alarm, it is necessary to enter into the learning mode to make the radar ignore the object.

Users need to follow the following steps to realize the learning function:

a. Move the vehicle to an open area and confirm that there are no obstacles other than body accessories within (a*b)m of the radar;
(1) a1>4 L1, and a1>3m;
(2) b1>W1+W2, and b1>6m;

b.Power on the system and wait for the completion of system self diagnosis;

c.Constantly press the setup button for 1.5s-3s, the buzzer will beep once, the display will show “LO”, and enter into the automatic learning function setup mode; Release the button, and then briefly press the key to make the display shows “L1”, the system enters into the automatic learning mode, and the learning results are shown after the learning process is completed. If “LS” is shown and beeps once, the learning is successful; if “LF” is shown and beeps twice, the learning is failed.

Display Setup

Installation Height

Requirements for vertical installation angle

Sensor fix

 The radar is installed on the vehicle body with a bracket, and the vertical installation angle is adjusted through the mounting bracket.

Display Setup

Detection range setup

The detection range of the sensor is shown in the drawing below. For different vehicle models and conditions, the detection area can be configurated by handheld setup tool:

L1: Setup for the protruding object in the front of the vehicle, the distance from the sensor installation position to the front most part of the vehicle: default value=0m;
L2: Warning distance: default value=5m (setup range 1-50m, accuracy 0.1m);
W1: Right side detection width: default value=2m (setup range 1-5m, accuracy 0.1m);
W2: Left side detection width: default value=2m (setup range 1-5m, accuracy 0.1m).

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