100 sets DSM02 driver fatigue drowsiness monitor system for Chile

driver fatigue monitor

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Juan is one of our old customers who has been cooperated with us for more than 10 years, his company is a leading auto parts and solution provider in Chile. Because of our high quality awareness, he is always willing to test our new products, for our DSM02 all metal shell driver fatigue drowsiness monitor system, there is no exception too.

We initially has an idea of developing a all metal shell driver fatigue drowsiness monitor system, so they are more sun proof, not easy to fade color, and more durable compared with common plastic shell driver fatigue system on the market. We told this idea to Juan, and he is really interested in this idea. So we cooperate together for the structure design and open a new mold.

After the mold created, we made a bulk representative sample and showed the test the video to Juan, he is very satisfied with the sample and place a trial order of 100pcs DSM02 driver fatigue drowsiness monitors to us immediately even without touch the real sample. We finished the production within 10 days after his conformation of PO, and deliver these monitors to Juan by FedEx.

Juan received the 100 pcs DSM02 driver fatigue monitors soon, and he is very satisfied after reviewing these products, “Hi, Cindy. How are you ? We have tested the units and we are very happy. I need you to send me the configuration and software manual. Also when you will have the development of the device to integrate into the Gurtam platform ?”.

The whole idea to bulk production process take about 3 months, he has sold a lot of DSM02 all metal shell driver fatigue drowsiness monitor system and repeat order this model.

Features of DSM02 all metal shell driver fatigue drowsiness monitor system

  1. Fatigue, yawn, calling, smoking

The eyelid closure, the mouth opening,
smart phone and cigarette are detected during
driving and the device will be triggered

  1. Distraction(e.g.: turning head

left/right or up/down off the road, texting, eating/drinking)

If you want to develop your own fatigue monitor system products, brands or software; please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] , we won’t let you down.

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