Help smart city – bus passenger flow statistics system covers Yinchuan, Ningxia


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LS860 bus passenger flow statistics system covers nearly 2000 buses in Yinchuan city. With the advantages of high-precision products, it provides scientific basis for the dispatching and operation management decision-making of Yinchuan bus. It helps the bus companies to arrange the departure time and time interval reasonably, compile the timetable, implement the driving plan, and improve the decision-making ability, so as to realize the scientific scheduling of the bus and make full use of the public resources.


Yinchuan project adopts the mode of “passenger flow statistics + electronic stop sign + mobile app” to push the number of people getting on and off the bus and in the bus at each bus stop to the electronic stop sign and mobile app in real time. It is convenient for the public to know the arrival time of the bus, the number of passengers on the bus and the degree of congestion in the bus in real time. The public can reasonably arrange the travel time and choose the appropriate means of transportation in time to reduce the travel waiting time.

By analyzing the historical data of bus passenger flow statistics, the management department can grasp the passenger flow distribution law of each time period, line and station, judge the rationality of existing line setting, and provide the basis for line adjustment. Scientific line equipment and reasonable vehicle scheduling can effectively alleviate urban traffic congestion, improve the image of the city, and improve the satisfaction of urban travelers.

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