Special fleet management for Wuxi dairy transport team

fleet mamagement

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Wuxi dairy cold chain transportation team is responsible for the transportation of dairy products in major supermarkets in Wuxi City. In order to ensure the fresh quality of the transported goods, the team operates from 17:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. the next day and has no rest all year round. The team urgently needs to solve the following problems:
The driver works for a long time and is in a state of fatigue
Drivers’ bad driving behavior, frequent accidents and increasing insurance premium year by year
The in car equipment can not be integrated, and the supervisors need to view multiple functional platforms
The driver finds someone to lead the shift without evidence control
Aiming at the user’s problems, the scheme of  LS860 fleet management is adopted to monitor the comprehensive environmental information of “person vehicle road”, which realizes driver identity comparison, driver fatigue status monitoring, driving behavior monitoring and analysis, lane deviation warning, forward collision avoidance warning, temperature monitoring of transport compartment and vehicle position monitoring.

fleet mamagement
After using this system for a period of time, the bad driving habits of drivers are effectively improved, and the accident rate of the fleet is reduced by 30%; The supporting background of the product not only has remote safety monitoring function, but also has basic information management function such as vehicle and driver. During the operation of the product, it can obtain the corresponding vehicle information and driver information in real time, including vehicle location, speed, driver information, driving status, etc., so as to realize unified and standardized operation management.

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