Leisure auto ADAS, the gatekeeper of safe driving

leisure auto ADAS

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Advanced intelligent driving assistance system (ADAS), as the transition stage and product of unmanned driving and automatic driving, has been more and more involved in the daily driving behavior, and more and more people trust and start to use ADAS products. The original ADAS system is only limited to the high-end car market. In recent years, the market has grown rapidly, and now it is entering the middle end market. At the same time, many low-tech applications are more common in the field of entry-level passenger cars.

leisure auto ADAS
Brief introduction of leisure auto Adas

Leisure auto ADAS is a brand founded by Guangzhou leisure auto safety technology. Since 2012, the R & D team has been set up to carry out ADAS project. After five years of technical development, the product is gradually taking shape, and has formed its own brand, leisure auto ADAS. It has launched different series of products for aftermarket, 4S shop, front market, car factory and electronic manufacturer, which has been concerned by many businesses and car owners in the industry and favored by many people.
Leisure auto, through continuous innovation of visual technology, with lofty respect for human scientific and technological innovation, develops its own ADAS belonging to the Chinese people. As the pioneer of ADAS, the goal is to become the gatekeeper of safe driving.

The principle of ADAS

Advanced driver assistant system (ADAS) uses a variety of sensors installed in the car. In the process of car driving, it can sense the surrounding environment at any time, collect data, identify, detect and track static and dynamic objects, and combine with the navigator map data to carry out systematic calculation and analysis, so as to make the driver aware of the possible danger in advance, and effectively increase the comfort and safety of car driving.

Leisure auto ADAS is an auxiliary system for safe driving, which is composed of three modules, including sensor, driving computer and early warning system. It can provide two main functions (front collision warning and lane departure warning) and a number of additional functions (real-time distance monitoring, virtual bumper, driving video, pedestrian monitoring, warning of vehicle departure and vehicle condition monitoring).

As for the significance of leisure auto ADAS in driving safety, I don’t need to repeat here. The painful lessons of all kinds of traffic accidents in real life elevate ADAS to the level that every driver is concerned about.

Leisure auto Adas

It is suitable for cars, buses, trucks, small models, SUVs, vans, ambulances, fire engines, special vehicles, school buses, some types of sports cars, etc.

adas application
Leisure auto ADAS has become the gatekeeper of safe driving

1. Safety. In the road test and benchmarking test of Mobileye and leisure auto, both sides adopt the formal products that have passed the certification, and carry out the unified test in the daytime, dark light, dark urban roads, rural roads and expressways, respectively. The alarm rate matching rate of both sides is very high, and their conventional performance is almost the same.

2. In the installation and benchmarking test of Mobileye and leisure auto, both parties adopt the certified official products, which are installed by the same level personnel respectively. The installation speed of leisure auto is obviously faster than Mobileye.

3. Reliable. Leisure auto products have good stability. In addition to the conventional electrical test, it has also been tested by temperature cycle, vibration, salt spray, environment and other tests, and has good adaptability.

4. Cost effective. Mass production products must solve the problem of cost control. Leisure auto aims to make luxury goods affordable to ordinary families, and has an advantage in price over similar products.

I believe that in the near future, with the continuous popularization and improvement of ADAS, leisure auto ADAS will become a reliable partner for all drivers and an indispensable part of the car.


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