Experience of developing an ADAS product in 60 days

Leisure auto ADAS

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Guide: when many navigator, car engine and HUD manufacturers are selling, they will meet the requirements of car manufacturers and 4S shop groups to add ADAS function (advanced intelligent driving assistance system) to their products. It can be separated as a mountain. ADAS sounds very professional, and it’s not easy to do. Car manufacturers and 4S shop group users who need to add ADAS function have urgent requirements on development time: they usually only need about 2 months. If they can’t complete the order on time, it may affect the order. What should we do?


Can we develop an ADAS product in 60 days?


is that true? Yes, it can. Here’s a real example:

A foreign manufacturer of automotive electronic products needs to add ADAS function to the new products, which is required to meet the vehicle specification, and provide the prototype within 2 months. This manufacturer’s strategy is: it costs a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources to independently develop ADAS functions. It seeks to cooperate with existing ADAS suppliers, integrate a mature ADAS product into its own product, and quickly complete the development, so that it can deliver the product as soon as possible.

First contact, determine strategy

The auto electronics manufacturer first looked for partners in its own country. Some of its ADAS manufacturers focused on algorithm development, but they did not form real products; some of them had ADAS products, but they did not carry out vehicle specification test. We have not found a suitable partner in our country.

In January 2017, the auto electronics manufacturer went to China and found us. After analyzing the products of Leisure Auto, it was found that they were very consistent with the manufacturer’s strategy

First, Leisure Auto has an ADAS product – M1 module, which realizes the functions of LDW and FCW in ADAS in a closed way, and can output only by power supply; M1 module has flexible output, and can select can, UART, high and low level, etc;

Second, better still, this module has passed the vehicle regulations. The internal identification software of the module is provided by Leisure Auto, or by the user himself, or by a third-party software. The size of the module is also ideal, about 50 mm x 70 mm.


Customize the scheme and confirm the cooperation


Therefore, the foreign automobile electronics factory decided to adopt a plan: to embed the M1 module of Leisure Auto into one of their existing products, so as to form a new product. In the new products, the foreign automotive electronics factory designed the motherboard on the basis of the original products, and the M1 module of Leisure Auto was used as the black box to independently realize the ADAS function; the motherboard already had UART interface, which could communicate with M1.

In the scheme of foreign automotive electronics factories, the parts related to ADAS that need to be provided by Leisure Auto include:

First, Leisure Auto provides ADAS related supply chain solutions, such as cameras and alarms;

Secondly, Leisure Auto makes use of its advantages in on-board electronic equipment to provide power supply, EMC and EMI reference solutions that have passed the vehicle regulations, and assist in certification;

Third, ADAS software is composed of two parts – identification software and alarm strategy software. Identification software is the foundation, but the alarm strategy changes a lot according to the type of car, the requirements of the car factory and the end user. In this cooperation, the alarm decision software is written by Leisure Auto, which is embedded into the main board as a module;

Fourth, the way of warning, such as honking the horn or shaking the seat, is handled by this foreign automotive electronics factory.


Through this scheme, the foreign company can realize the formal ADAS products in the shortest time, saving a lot of costs.


60 day cooperative development process


The process of new product development of Leisure Auto is basically controlled to produce the engineering prototype within 2 months. The schedule is as follows:

In the first 30 days, both sides carried out at the same time. While designing the motherboard, according to the final customer’s requirements, Leisure Auto further reduced the existing M1 module from 50 mm x 70 mm to 50 mm x 50 mm, and changed the position of various interfaces to become M2 module. Although the interface position changed, the interface type and communication protocol remained unchanged.

At the same time, the software personnel of both sides began to touch the agreement, using the original products of both sides to carry out the joint debugging of communication protocol, so as to do all the preparatory work well.

On the 35th day, the engineering prototype of M2 module came out, and the new motherboard of the foreign automotive electronics factory also came out. It began to formally assemble and debug. While carrying out the software and hardware, it refined the structure and shape. Of course, a little reservation was left in the structure. What if the hardware needs to be changed in the future?

Day 50, everything’s out! Motherboard hardware and software, M2 hardware and software, 3D printing shell, camera also determined the model, only the road test!


In the first five days of road test, problems appeared intermittently, and ADAS had no problem. However, the new software of the motherboard of foreign automotive electronic products manufacturers was brand new, and there were still some bugs. The staff of Leisure Auto mainly cooperated and helped; they took the burner on the car and changed it while testing. On the 57th day, the car started to run smoothly. The car kept running on the road. When it was time to call the police, there was no noise when it wasn’t time to call the police. Looking at the recognition image, it was perfect, not to mention how happy it was!

Especially when the new algorithm is tested, the recognition distance is much farther than that of Mobileye in the United States. Let’s not mention the surprise in our hearts. For most cars, our new algorithm is far more recognizable than Mobileye. There are some cars with special colors and shapes that can’t match Mobileye. We’ll adjust this one after we go back.

In this way, 60 days out of a very decent engineering prototype, the next period of time, used to pass the car gauge.

To sum up, to complete such a task within 60 days, in addition to the original good foundation, it is very important for both sides to work hard and cooperate with each other at the same time without wasting time! When it’s time to complete the design, when it’s time to produce the prototype, and when it’s time to write the software, there’s almost no waste. This is the key.



To add another word, several people who participated in the road test, whether Chinese or foreigners, all changed afterwards – their driving has obviously become standardized; no wonder ADAS “beeps” every time they drive dangerously. After a few days, the old driver naturally becomes a good driver.

In the second half of the year, the new products of Leisure Auto began to ship in large quantities. The goal of Leisure Auto is to make drivers safer. Even if we have saved a person from an accident, our hard work is worth it!

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