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adas v2

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Every function of the leisure auto product can show the hope and belief of the leisure Auto Team for ADAS. Leisure auto V2 is a new star in the ADAS market due to its easy installation, moderate price and high compatibility.

I don’t know when the four letters of ADAS began to appear frequently in people’s vision. The models equipped with ADAS function are generally either top or sub top. In addition, there are basically no other models, not to mention those low-end and most Chinese brands. At present, all major automobile manufacturers have relevant departments to research and develop related products. For example, Mobileye is a leader in this field. However, due to its single product price of tens of thousands of yuan, its popularity is hopeless.

In the view of leisure auto, there are two main points to do well in ADAS products: one is to be professional, the other is to be valuable to users. On the basis of these two points, viscosity will have the value of being in the car. For this purpose, the ADAS leisure auto V2 developed by leisure auto company has become a new star in the ADAS market because of its easy installation, moderate price, high compatibility and high user value.

The ADAS leisure auto V2 of leisure auto mainly uses camera instead of human eye and chip instead of human brain, never tired; it uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze images and find out risk factors; it sends out alarm when in danger to remind the driver, which can effectively help the driver reduce accidents in practical experience.

One: The main functions of leisure auto V2 are forward collision warning (FCW) and lane departure warning (LDW)

adas v2
The first is the front collision warning. In the process of driving every day, we often see all kinds of traffic accidents. No one can predict which day the disaster will come to us. When the vehicle is driving at high speed, leisure auto V2 continuously monitors other vehicles in front of it, and sends out an alarm before the collision danger occurs, so as to avoid collision accidents.

adas v2
As we all know, 44% of fatal traffic accidents are related to lane departure. During driving, the main cause of accidents is inattention or fatigue driving. When the vehicle of leisure auto V2 deviates from the lane line, the system will give a line pressing alarm.
The sensitivity of this product can be adjusted according to custom. In addition to the above two main ADAS functions, leisure auto V2 also has the functions of dash cam, virtual bumper anti collision, pedestrian detection alarm, real-time vehicle condition detection, etc.
Leisure autov2 connects with your smartphone, and the data of vehicle and driving process are uploaded to the cloud for analysis and saving. The product realizes VTA update, automatic update and new ADAS function.

adas v2 app
Two: Leisure auto V2 Application

It is suitable for cars, buses, trucks, small models, SUVs, vans, ambulances, fire engines, special vehicles, school buses, some types of sports cars, etc. PS: insurance companies may need three emergency sensors, or some teams need to customize the cloud data platform interface. Please communicate with leisure Auto in advance.

adas application
Three: Easy installation of leisure auto V2

Anybody can also do it by himself, no need to break the line, 15 minutes nondestructive installation.


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