Five years of technical training, innovation and technology to create ADAS quality brand!

leisureauto adas v2

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Guide: since last year, leisure auto has launched different series of advanced intelligent driving assistance system (ADAS) products for the aftermarket, 4S shop, front market, car factory and electronic manufacturer, which has attracted the attention of many businesses and car owners in the industry, and has been favored by many people. What is the charm of leisure auto ADAS?

Advanced intelligent driving assistance system (ADAS) has been used in foreign countries for many years, and there are a lot of data to prove its role in reducing the driving accident rate. At present, European and American countries all force automobile manufacturers to install ADAS technology on their automobile products, and only vehicles with ADAS technology can get the highest 5-star safety standard.

leisureauto adas v2
Although ADAS technology has been widely used in foreign cars, because of technology research and development and other reasons, few people know ADAS, and it has not been well popularized. With the development of intelligent vehicle and driverless technology, people pay more and more attention to safe driving. ADAS technology is in great demand in China. On March 7, 2017, the Ministry of transport organized and formulated the transportation industry standard safety technical conditions for operating passenger cars (JT / t1094-2016, hereinafter referred to as JT / T 1094 standard), which was formally implemented on April 1, 2017. In the standard, it is required that the operating buses over 9 meters must have lane departure warning and front collision warning (FCW), and the transition period of 13 months is given.

In 2012, several co founders of leisure auto started the ADAS project. At that time, there was no domestic enterprise that developed and produced ADAS technology. Through exchanges with many senior people in the automotive industry, domestic and foreign research and market analysis, and long-term attention to driverless technology, the co founders found such an opportunity of huge demand for ADAS technology in the domestic market. Set up R & D team to develop ADAS belonging to Chinese people. In the five years of technology development process, leisure auto products are gradually taking shape. It has launched different series of intelligent driving assistance system (ADAS) products for the aftermarket, 4S shop, front market, car factory and electronic manufacturers, which are concerned by many businesses and car owners in the industry and favored by many people

2012 “leisure auto ADAS system” design revolution storm

Driving safety is just a need, and it is the most concerned thing of every driver and every family. Globally, the leader of ADAS industry is Mobileye company of Israel. Its products are reliable in performance but expensive. They are only suitable for European and American markets and can not meet the needs of developing markets. To this end, with the dream of developing cost-effective ADAS products suitable for Chinese people, leisure auto team began to develop a high-speed vehicle platform with independent intellectual property rights in 2012. After repeated failures and continuous attempts, leisure auto ADAS system, a newly hatched pupa, broke out of the cocoon.

2013 “Pride auto ADAS system” trial production

In 2013, the team developed the basic model a based on DSP, combined with a number of auxiliary chips and special components, and carried out a large number of tests in Guangzhou Radio Group, electronic technology research and development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Dalian Hualu Panasonic laboratory according to the requirements of vehicle specifications. Then, according to the prototype design, the team guided the pilot production of 600 sets in the Dandong factory of alpai club, And send to the sample car factory for testing.
2014: the upgraded a + model was successfully developed and made an amazing debut
In 2014, the upgraded a + model was developed on the basis of a model, and passed the vehicle specification test in Guangzhou Radio Group. With the cooperation of Neusoft group, the two products were tested on the road and in the real situation for a long time, and the samples were sent to the vehicle factory for testing.

2015 Excellent quality creates order legend

In May 2015, the upgraded a + intelligent driving assistance system was tested and adjusted in Yutong Bus Factory for about six months. In just three months, it won the order of Yutong Bus front loading market and successfully won the long-term supplier of its front loading market.
Leisure auto starts new mileage and focuses on Aftermarket
After winning the first supply order of Yutong Bus within three months after its establishment, leisure auto started a new journey.
In July, on the basis of the smooth development of automobile front loading market, we focused on the automobile rear loading market which has not been fully explored. In addition to all the advantages of the original function design of ADAS system, it also catered to the world trend of “small car becoming luxury car”, so that Volkswagen car can have “never lax co driver” like luxury car —-Adas advanced driving assistance system brings car users the same driving quality as luxury cars.
Leisure Auto “leisure Auto” Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. officially launched
In March 2015, on the basis of successful product development, technical backbones took advantage of the heat and began to formally plan to set up a company to fulfill their dream of automobile driving safety. In this way, “leisure Auto” came into being.

2016 inheriting the vitality of the brand, personal mobile app officially entered the test

Inheriting the vitality and glory of the new brand leisure auto, the new smart phone afterloading app has officially entered the technical test. It enables individual car users to receive the warning from ADAS system in time through mobile phone while driving, and remind drivers to take corresponding protective measures.
The new smart phone afterloading app not only carries the excellent vitality of the new brand, but also boldly challenges and innovates under the premise of uncertain market prospect of automobile afterloading, striving to seek better technical guarantee for driving safety of individual automobile users.
At present, in the domestic ADAS market, Mobileye has the largest front loading coverage. Because it is expensive and not close to the people, it can not be widely promoted in the short term. This gives domestic ADAS enterprises a valuable opportunity, and leisure auto caters to this opportunity to launch its own series of products. Beyond Mobileye, every leisure auto people take this as their goal: independent R & D ; R & D is the way out for domestic ADAS enterprises to develop and grow. Only through R & R & D of ADAS with independent intellectual property rights can they stand in the market. Only in this way can the domestic ADAS industry get healthy development, and can they really go to the world and compete with Mobileye in the market.


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