Analysis and witness the beginning of the next era—The vigorous development of Korean ADAS Market

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Guide: this year is the first year of South Korea’s ADAS market. With the rapid development of the market, new industry applications are emerging.

In recent months, the South Korean government has strengthened its policies, increased subsidies for ADAS applications, and the market has shown an explosive trend.
Seven years ago, ADAS was just a vague concept for the general public, including some auto drivers. Now, this concept has been on the ground and has become a hot topic. It has also become a hot research and publicity project for many auto companies and parts companies. Tens of millions of vehicles in stock, hundreds of billions of equipment potential, and the cake of huge potential data mining market, with less than 5% penetration rate, ADAS must be the ultimate goal of many artificial intelligence and Internet enterprises. Before this year, South Korea’s ADAS market was like an undeveloped wasteland.

After entering this year, with the introduction of the new subsidy policy, the Korean market has broad prospects and good opportunities, attracting more and more Korean enterprises and private funds to enter the ADAS industry one after another. Some of them develop their own products, while others seek to carry out in-depth cooperation with powerful ADAS companies.

The main reasons for the exciting changes of Korean ADAS market are the enhancement of consumers’ safety awareness, the gradual decline of application models from high to low, the gradual improvement of ADAS technology, and the high government subsidies.

In the face of such an emerging market as South Korea, how to quickly enter and occupy the dominant position is the key.
How to play the Korean ADAS market? Despite the strong support of the South Korean government, is the threshold of the South Korean market really easy to enter? Not at all! As a powerful country in the electronic industry, the continuous testing of prototypes, the transplantation of various algorithms and technical communication protocols, etc., all need the cooperation of both sides, especially the product quality inspection is a little careless, and all lose.

If you want to enter the afterloading market of South Korea ADAS, you often have to meet the following conditions:

·The major customers in the aftermarket also require the suppliers to carry out strict vehicle inspection. This kind of inspection often costs a lot, and the time cycle is often more than one year, which is the first obstacle that ordinary entrepreneurial teams can not achieve;

·Adas suppliers are required to accumulate sufficient technology and experience in the field, especially the supply cooperation with large vehicle manufacturers. Japanese and Korean enterprises attach great importance to supply experience, and it is difficult for suppliers who have not entered the front loading system to enter the large fleet management system and 4S shop system. This is another fatal obstacle for ordinary small companies;

·Strict road test; as a large number of electronic products production country, South Korea has a lot of experience in the development of technology, fully aware of the huge differences and uncertain risks between demonstration prototype and formal products; therefore, the large fleet management system and 4S shop system rarely accept the supplier demonstration prototype, but only accept the road test of formal products, which leads to small and medium-sized ADAS developers being screened Outside the supply chain;
The price requirement is about US $400, which often includes ADAS, AVM and other functions of vehicle management.

At present, the start-up teams of ADAS in South Korea include the R & D teams of many universities including Hanyang University, and small entrepreneurial teams such as PLK, movon and adasi.


Solution case 1: team management giant + Leisure auto = 40000 ADAS per year

The market is developing rapidly, but there are few local enterprises to choose from. Under the current situation, many large and medium-sized South Korean users choose to cooperate with overseas institutions. In March this year, a powerful fleet management enterprise in South Korea cooperated with leisure Auto to provide a new ADAS system for 60000 large vehicles in South Korea in the next 30 months. The new system is based on the core ADAS scheme of leisure auto, combined with the requirements of night vision function and fleet management, and the key points of insurance UBI, providing new highlights for industry applications.

In the cooperation, leisure auto will provide core modules, overall solutions, system communication protocols and mobile phone software API, and South Korea will carry out demand integration, product integration, industry application access and data center construction.

Through this kind of cooperation, some Korean enterprises have overcome the problem of product development cycle, and at the same time, they have directly stepped into the list of top ADAS application suppliers.

One side of the cooperation is South Korea’s largest fleet management company, whose market share accounts for half of South Korea’s market. Its international sales channels cover three major markets in Asia, Europe and the United States. Driven by the new system, its market share and technical advantages are further strengthened. On the contrary, leisure, the other side of the cooperation Auto, as a small team, has the strategic defects of small scale and weak influence. On the other hand, it has a wide range of products and a high degree of maturity. It began to supply some car factories with front-end equipment two years ago. It urgently needs to expand its role from tire2 to the industrial chain.

As a leading enterprise in the domestic ADAS industry, leisure auto is determined to enter the Korean ADAS market, which almost has a huge impact on the industrial structure of smart cars. This seemingly sudden and silent cooperation is actually an important step in the market layout of leisure Auto

Leisure auto said that the technology development cooperation with South Korean companies is an important attempt to enrich the realization path of ADAS products and accelerate the internationalization of ADAS series products. Through this type of cooperation, the two sides complement each other and set up a new cooperation mode for other ADAS demanders and providers.

Leisure Auto ADAS

1. Safety. In the road test and benchmarking test of Mobileye and leisure auto, both sides adopt the formal products that have passed the certification, and conduct the unified test in the daytime, dark light, dark urban roads, rural roads and expressways, respectively. The matching rate of alarm rate of both sides is very high, and their conventional performance is almost the same.

2. Easy to install. In the installation and benchmarking test of Mobileye and leisure auto, both sides adopt the formal products that have passed the certification and are installed by the personnel of the same level respectively. The installation speed of leisure auto is obviously faster than that of Mobileye, and it only takes 15 minutes for the installation of leisure auto ADAS to be successful, convenient and fast.

3. Reliable. Leisure auto products have good stability. In addition to the conventional electrical test, it has also been tested by temperature cycle, vibration, salt spray, environment and other tests, and has good adaptability.

4. Cost effective. Mass production products must solve the problem of cost control. Leisure auto aims to make luxury goods affordable to ordinary families, and has an advantage in price over similar products.

Current situation of Korean ADAS Market

In South Korea, local driving habits, traffic regulations and road condition information will determine the application of ADAS. In 2009, the government implemented the policy of turning off all street lights at night, because of light pollution, people protested; South Korea’s future demand is obstacle recognition and night vision; South Korea’s ADAS is very expensive, but the price in China is a fraction of South Korea’s; South Korea’s government has a higher subsidy for ADAS industry.

This series of factors, inevitably, directly affect the occupation of Korea ADAS market by leisure auto.

The export road of leisure auto Adas

In the past two years, before cooperating with Korean companies, leisure auto ADAS has contacted with other multinational enterprises, and the process is very smooth. At present, the export pattern of leisure auto spans the Eurasian continent, and even extends to Europe and the United States and other countries. As the public is not very familiar with leisure auto ADAS, such a huge overseas layout is not very eye-catching. Looking back at these layout moves, we find that leisure auto has already made a subtle plan and overall plan for the overseas market, which is unexpected.


With the smooth development of this cooperation, leisure auto, which has just been established for more than two years, is undoubtedly a big bomb in the hot ADAS industry. Leisure auto has entered everyone’s field of vision with a posture of “falling from the sky”. For South Korea, this cooperation with leisure auto is also full of new opportunities.
The automotive electronics industry has never been a simple battlefield, with high barriers and strict safety requirements These factors have always frustrated many enterprises that want to join. Whether leisure auto can effectively integrate resources from all sides and fully open the Korean ADAS market with the help of Korean enterprises needs to be tested in the future. We’re looking forward to it.

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