Discussion: how to distinguish between dash cam and professional ADAS equipment? (accuracy of system, use and early warning)

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There are both dash CAM products with ADAS function and ADAS products with ADAS function on the market. How can we distinguish them? How to choose when buying? Previously, we has distinguished the two from the perspective of lens. Today, we continue to elaborate the differences from the aspects of system, use function and early warning accuracy. We welcome your correction.


1. System aspect:

The main purpose of the dash cam is to satisfy the function of the dash cam. The algorithm is based on the processor, and the operation speed is not fast. For those with ADAS function, ADAS is only a very secondary function processing, which can not meet the accuracy requirements of professional ADAS alarm.
Professional ADAS equipment needs professional recognition algorithm and alarm strategy, and the whole algorithm has a large amount of calculation. The processor of ADAS requires high-speed and complex image comparison and data calculation, which will generate high heat. Therefore, ADAS products have high requirements for heat removal. The system resources are fully and efficiently used in the high-speed operation of ADAS related big data, to ensure the real-time and accuracy, and to ensure that the system can be stable and smooth without crash in the case of small resource consumption.


2. Use function

The main functions of ADAS attached to the dash cam are simple front anti-collision warning and lane departure warning. Due to the limited computation of the processor, not much ADAS function can be added.
Professional ADAS equipment has many functions, including front anti-collision and lane departure alarm, real-time distance monitoring system, virtual bumper anti slip system, front car start reminder and other functions. Some leading ADAS enterprises, such as mobilieye and Leisureauto, have launched more advanced pedestrian detection functions. When they encounter passers-by in front and are close to a certain distance, they will give an alarm to provide a good driving environment for safe driving.

3. Accuracy of early warning:

Some people say that the car recorder alarms disorderly because the data collected and read is not accurate enough, so it alarms disorderly, which will make some people feel very annoying. This is indeed the case.
Due to the limitation of product scheme and software and hardware, it is difficult to achieve high recognition rate for general dash cam system, which is limited to 40-70%. Low recognition rate means that it is difficult to make timely and effective alarm, and it is difficult to provide users with real use value of ADAS. If the alarm is inaccurate or disorderly, it will not only help the driver, but also harm the driver.
Professional ADAS equipment is particular about accuracy, especially high data requirements. If you use GPS to read the speed data, maybe people are killed in a car accident, then the dash cam will react. It is because of the error that the search is slow. In addition, some products, no matter whether you turn on the turn signal or not, will call when changing the lane. It’s strange if you don’t bother. So professional ADAS need to collect vehicle turn signal, turn signal, it will not remind lane departure. Under normal circumstances, you don’t find this thing annoying when driving. Only when there is a driving danger will you give an early warning.
Excellent enterprises can achieve the recognition rate of 85-98%. Because the machine recognition judgment is more accurate, it can accurately provide alarm for users before the danger occurs, so as to avoid accidents, and the use value is obvious.

To sum up, the above four points are the most basic requirements of ADAS. Professional ADAS has high requirements for product hardware and form. In its interior, what is more important is the core algorithm of ADAS, the interactive experience of ADAS alarm in driving behavior. ADAS can not do what it wants to do. It needs to solve many technical bottlenecks of hardware and software to complete a truly professional ADAS.

Finally, let’s introduce a high-quality ADAS product – Leisure auto ADAS

Discussion: how to distinguish between dash cam and professional ADAS equipment? (accuracy of system, use and early warning)


1. Safety.

In the road test and benchmarking test of Mobileye and leisureauto, both sides adopt the formal products that have passed the certification, and conduct the unified test in the daytime, dark light, dark urban roads, rural roads and expressways, respectively. The matching rate of alarm rate of both sides is very high, and their conventional performance is almost the same.

2. In the installation and benchmarking test of Mobileye and leisureauto.

both sides use the certified official products, which are installed by the same level personnel respectively. The installation speed of sight is obviously faster than that of Mobileye.

3. Reliable.

Leisureauto products have good stability. In addition to the conventional electrical test, it has also been tested by temperature cycle, vibration, salt spray, environment and other tests, and has good adaptability.

4. Cost effective.

Mass production products must solve the problem of cost control. Leisureauto aims to make luxury goods affordable to ordinary families and has an advantage in price over similar products.

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