From a car specification level ADAS product, talk about what is Vehicle specification level


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On December 9, 2016, the State Council issued the “opinions on promoting the development of life change in the field of production safety”, and on March 7, 2017, the Ministry of transport issued the “technical conditions for safety of operating passenger cars” (JT / T) 1094-2016), and the transition period of 13 months is specified in the transition period of the implementation of the fifth standard.

At present, many car factories and long-distance passenger buses are equipped with advanced intelligent driving assistance system (ADAS) with lane departure warning system (LDWS) and front collision warning (FCW) according to the above regulations.

When car factories install ADAS, they will require to choose the ADAS products with “car specifications”. The S1 series launched by micro brand Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. for passenger cars, trucks and large vehicles is an ADAS product launched in strict accordance with the requirements of car specifications. Since its launch, it has been concerned by many businesses and car owners in the industry, and favored by many people. What is the charm of leisureauto ADAS? For most car owners, the word “vehicle regulation level” is not strange, but what is “vehicle regulation level” is rarely mentioned. I shared with you what is the automotive industry planning information
From a car specification level ADAS product, talk about what is Vehicle specification level.

Vehicle specification level is actually a set of hardware specifications and standards, which is in line with the laws and regulations on vehicle standards enacted by various countries. The standards of different countries are different

Any choice can’t only have advantages but no disadvantages. What are the disadvantages of using car grade electronic components to make products?

1. The requirement of system is high and the cost of development and verification is high.

2. It’s difficult to select models. People who play with electronics know that today, there are quite a lot of electronic components. There are many schemes for products with the same function, and the complexity may vary greatly. However, sometimes, in order to meet the requirements of vehicle specifications, some schemes with high integration have to be abandoned.

3. Another obvious disadvantage is that the technology of some products is backward, and a lot of verification work affects the speed of new products.

Since 2012, leisureauto began to develop a high-speed vehicle platform with independent intellectual property rights. After repeated failures and continuous attempts, leisureauto-s1 series, a newly hatched pupa, has been released after five years of technical stimulation.

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