Difference between blind spot detection(BDS) and radar sensor

bsd system

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In the wave of the continuous development of intelligent driving, more and more intelligent devices are applied to different vehicles, the purpose is to better assist the driver in daily driving. Blind area is a big hidden danger of high incidence of vehicle accidents, so many drivers will install blind area detection equipment in their cars. Today, I would like to introduce the difference between the two commonly used blind area detection equipment.

bsd system

Vehicle radar sensor

1. Objective: to protect vehicles from being scratched by obstacles;
2. It is impossible to distinguish pedestrians from common obstacles, and there is no difference in alarm, so drivers are prone to fatigue and reduce their vigilance;
3. It can only be triggered in specific scenes, such as left turn, right turn, reversing and so on. It can not be monitored when the driver forgets to turn on the turn signal or when driving straight.

Blid Spot Detection system(BSD)

bsd system
1. Objective: to protect pedestrians from being crushed by vehicles;
2. It can automatically distinguish pedestrians and common obstacles, and only alert pedestrians to avoid blind area accidents;
3. It can identify common road pedestrians, such as pedestrians on foot, cyclists and motorcyclists;
4. It works continuously from ignition to flameout to provide pedestrian collision warning for drivers, which can prevent collision accidents when vehicles start;
5. When a pedestrian is identified, the driver is reminded to slow down and give way inside the vehicle, the pedestrian is reminded to give way outside the vehicle, and the two-way reminder improves the timeliness of giving way.

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